16 Ways to Make DIY Glass Bulb Ornaments

Christmas is in a week, and if it weren’t for this season’s sicknesses, I would have had these ideas up for you sooner! Better late than never, though.


I’m not the first to think of this idea; I’m posting it to spark your own ideas. If you don’t feel very talented, or have kids that like to make a mess, this one is for you.

(And if you’re super talented and have patience, there are more ideas below.)

Here are some of the items we used for our ornaments:

  • Empty glass bulbs
  • moss, various colors and textures
  • shredded paper
  • glitter (per request of my 4 year old)
  • feathers

Other options are:

  1. Moss and bark (what we did)
  2. tiny pinecones
  3. sand/seashells
  4. newborn keepsake hat
  5. graduation tassel
  6. beads
  7. flower petals (from wedding/funeral/special occasion)
  8. buttons
  9. money
  10. Epsom Salt & a glue stick (makes a snowy look)
  11. herbs
  12. dip seasoning mix
  13. dandylion seeds
  14. hot cocoa
  15. yarn and rope
  16. sheet music

It didn’t even take much convincing to see if G wanted to help. She loves putting small things in even smaller spaces.

I’m partial to more natural materials, G is partial to glitter.

Combine both of those, and the result is beautiful!



Happy Ornamenting!


One thought on “16 Ways to Make DIY Glass Bulb Ornaments

  1. Love this idea! So many fun options. Plus, you can possibly change it out next year if you want to try something else (assuming it’s not glued in or too large to shake out).


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