DIY Felt Play Food (Sew or No Sew)

“Think left and think right, think low and think high.

Oh the thinks you can think up if only you try!”  – Dr. Seuss

For the past few years, Husband and I have been making a point to make the gifts we give to others– especially around Christmas time. The next few posts will be dedicated to some ideas we have done to hopefully inspire you as well!

Buying gifts is useful, but making gifts is inspiring.

If you have kids in your life, particularly ones that enjoy pretending to cook, this project is a must for a gift.


All you need is felt, scissors, and either glue or a needle/thread. (A needle and thread make the process a bit easier. Glue won’t work in place of it in every type of food, just some).

After that, the possibilities are endless!


I’ll post here how to do a simple egg. Then, I have a few links to some other great tutorials. The bow-tie pasta is one of my favorites!

Ok, first, a simple and quick tutorial for an egg, sunny side up!


First, grab your materials. For the egg you’ll need:

  • White felt (enough to cut two egg white shapes)
  • Yellow Felt
  • Extra felt or batting for inside yolk (to make it a bit puffier)
  • Needle
  • Yellow/white thread
  • Scissors


First, you’ll want to cut out an eggy-looking shape. I actually struggled with this. I mean, technically, when you crack open an egg, it’s a random shape. But I didn’t feel like any random squiggles looked good. So, after many practiced attempts, I came up with this “random” egg-white shape. Feel free to use my shape and adjust the size as needed. Cut TWO of these pieces.


Then, cut out a yellow circle for the yolk. And also cut a slightly smaller circle of your batting (or extra felt) for under the yolk, to make it puffier.

First, sew the yolk circle on one of the pieces, be sure to have the batting/extra felt under it. Make it as flat or as puffy as you want! If you’re not a sewer, don’t worry. All you have to do it go up and down with the needle. The more uniform the spacing, the better it looks. But, my 4 year old doesn’t seem to care at all about my stitching. You can always try to glue all this too! But the stitching is a nice touch.

Next, place your second egg white piece underneath the first one. I felt like this made the whole piece a bit sturdier. Plus, it hides the stitching from when you sewed on the yolk.


That’s it! Your kid is ready to fry up some eggs! If you want to make bacon, just cut strips of different colors of brown/tan and sew them on!

I made a bunch of other foods too: pasta, mushrooms, asparagus, cucumbers, strawberries, bacon, crackers.

Check out some of my favorite tutorials for more ideas:

Bow-tie pasta by One Inch World. This is SUPER EASY. I tried it and made a ton!

Hamburger and Fries by Craftiness Is Not Optional

Asparagus by While Wearing Heals

Carrots by Craftiness Is Not Optional

Strawberries by Bread and Buttons

Cinnamon Rolls by Smashed Peas and Carrots. Another SUPER EASY one using glue.

Pizza by The Crafty Woman.

Marshmallows by Mama’s Felt Cafe

Doughnuts by Skip to My Lou

Sponge Cake by Here Come The Girls and Sponge Cake by Inner Child Fun. (Ok, not exactly felt, but you have to admit, it’s a cute idea!)


Better yet, I found this list on Apartment Therapy that’s much longer than mine!



Happy Felting!



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