Before and After

Our Master Bedroom – Before and After

I was especially excited for this renovation, and not just because I had nowhere to keep my clothes before. Shortly after we moved in, we removed the green, shag carpet that covered our bedroom floor. Underneath was a beautiful wood floor!


Just removing that carpet alone made a HUGE difference in the feel of the room.

Like the rest of the house, the room was covered in paneling. Some rooms had brown, some had white, this was green paneling. Beautiful, right? The picture below was taken shortly after we moved in, we didn’t even have a bed yet! Husband would change that.


After a few internet searches, we landed upon this design.

Only, given how long and thin our bedroom is, we decided against the side tables (for now, we can add them later if we want). It turned out pretty great!

And no project is complete without the “help” of a very special little girl.


Ripping up the shag carpet and sleeping on a bed was a priority, so we did this long before we re-did the bedroom. This is the in-between picture, we still have paneling and no drywall, but at least it’s halfway done!


Again, as we finished the room, we didn’t think drywall was very special, so we didn’t digitally document any of those changes. One major change we did make was to open up the closet a bit more. If you look at the room before, there was a small door on the left. But when you looked inside the closet, it was open, as big as the entire wall on the inside! Basically, behind the bookcase you see was a large, open closet space just waiting to be used.


All that space, and you can only access it through one small door? Not anymore! We opened up the wall, so later we can add bifold doors.

A little demo, drywall, paint and framing later, and this is what we have:


And this time, instead of getting 4″ x 4″ carpet samples like I did for G’s closet, I went to a carpet store and found  a carpet remnenet to cover the floor (since the closet floor wasn’t finished). Totally worth the $10. Had I known it was going to be so cheap, I probably would have just done that for G’s room too.

And per my request, Husband did more of that Craftsman trim on my windows and doorways. Totally worth a little extra wood. Just a few 1×4’s, 1×6’s, and lattice pieces.

Now, just clean up and move in! G is helping, of course. By her own freewill, I should add!


The thing with remodeling each of these rooms, is that everything, and I mean EVERYTHING needed to be replaced. Outlets, heater/cold air vents, trim, lights, light switches. If it was in the room before, it had to be replaced. In this room, even the door needed to be replaced as the previous owner’s even added paneling to the back of it. Taking it off made it unsalvageable. But, the end product was totally worth all that work! (Well, all of Husband’s work. I just found out I was pregnant so I wasn’t going to risk possible lead exposure. The house is 96 years old).

The color is my favorite color choice so far; it’s Sherwin Williams “Lullaby.”

Enjoy some pictures!



No closet doors yet, someday though!


More beautiful, custom craftsman trim made by Husband!


Old dresser, new mirror.

.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .

And here are some before and after next to each other:




Soon, it would be time for the last room, the third bedroom– the office!

Stay tuned!


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