Super Easy DIY Flower Costume (Sew or No Sew)

So, this is the first year I actually asked my daughter what she wanted to be for Halloween. Now thats she’s four, she’s far more opinionated, so its probably better to ask than guess. And what did she come up with? A sunflower! It sounds cute and easy to find, right?

 Cute, yes. Easy to find in a 4T? Actually, not so much. After a few online searches, and a Google image search, I decided to make my own combining a few pictures I saw. I found the making part is actually pretty easy!

Here’s G in her costume:


You can make one too, any color would work. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • leotard
  • tutu
  • Leggings or tights
  • felt or fabric (Only felt if you don’t plan on sewing)
  • hot glue (for no-sew only)
  • needle/thread/sewing machine (for sew only)

**For the flower crown, I just bought dollar store fake flowers and hot glued them on a piece of felt and added sticky velcro. You don’t even need a picture of how to do it, it’s so easy. 🙂

First, the petal pattern. I drew this up. All you have to do is save it, adjust the size as needed (or not), cut it out, and use it to trace onto your fabric/felt.


The number of pieces you cut out depends on the size of the waist as well as how far apart you want them. For my girls 4T waist, I made 11 pieces. See the picture for about how far apart they are. There is roughly 1/4-1/2 of an inch between each piece.

For the no-sew version: It’s pretty basic. Just cut out your pieces out of felt, hot glue them onto a felt belt. I would glue them on the inside, then fold the belt piece in half so you don’t see the seam, but either way would work. Then, just add a stick-on velcro piece. Done!

For the sew version: You can do this if you can use a sewing machine and you know how to sew a straight line. To start, cut out the pattern pieces in your fabric/felt color. You can either use just felt, or felt and fabric, or just fabric. I chose to do felt and fabric, which means more cutting, but it made each petal a bit more stiff, leaving it to stay in place as she walked.

First, for each petal, cut out two pieces from the fabric, and one piece from the felt. Layer it so that the two fabric pieces are on the top, and the one felt piece is on bottom. Sew with a 1/4″ seam, leaving the bottom of the petal open, like this:


Next, cut around the edge, close to the seam, but being careful not to cut your seam.

Notice how close I cut. This make it easier to flip and iron later.

Then, flip it so that there is a piece of fabric on each side, and the felt is in the middle:


Do this with each petal. Iron out those wrinkles.

Next, for the waist band, cut a rectangular piece of fabric that is roughly 3-4″ wide. The length depends on the waist size, but make it a few inches longer than your measurements. It’s easy to cut it short, not so much to make it longer.

After cutting the fabric, fold one long edge in, so that it reaches the middle and iron. Do this with the other long edge as well, iron. Later, when you fold it in half, the outside, frayed edges will be hidden inside.


(If you want the costume to tie closed, you can make a tie following this process.)

(If you want the costume to velcro closed, get some stick-on velcro and place it on the ends as your last step.)

Now, carefully place your petals on the belt, leaving it so you can see the seams you just ironed. After placing your petals, fold your belt in half and pin each petal. If you chose to make a tie for the petal skirt, insert the tie in on each end, folding the rough edges under, and sew. See pictures:


Do the same at the other end of the skirt (if using ties instead of velcro).


That’s it! Your final product will look like this:


It can be as easy as using hot glue, or as “advanced” as sewing.

Now, you have all you need for the cutest little flower!





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