Simple Fabric Tie

One of the most useful, yet simple techniques in sewing… making a fabric tie.

This is a short and simple post in making a fabric tie. I recently used this tie for G’s Halloween costume as well as Baby E’s homemade mobile.

All you need is fabric, thread, and a sewing machine (because hand-sewing this would take a long time, but you can try).

The length and width of your fabric depends on how long and wide you want your tie.  I usually eye-ball mine, but as a general rule, the final width of your tie will be 1/4th of your starting width. Also, if you are making multiple ties, go ahead and make one LONG piece, and just cut it after. This will make the process go a bit quicker.

Ok, first, take your fabric, and fold the edges in so they equally meet in the middle. Iron.


Next, fold that piece in half. this process hides the edge seams.


Next, Sew a straight line right down the side with the folds, like this:



When you get to the end, fold the ends inside, then sew closed. This way all the rough edges are hidden inside.

Alternatively, if you’re using jersey knit fabric (the fabric used for t-shirts), you don’t need to do this, as jersey-knit fabrics don’t fray.

The grey fabric I’m using is jersey knit, so my ends can have raw edges. Whether or not you have sewn ends or not, you can always tie a knot at the end like this:


Now, use your tie as needed! My husband made an awesome DIY wood mobile to hang Baby E’s toys, so I used mine for this, as yarn and string is too frail and thin for a baby toy.


Baby E loves it!



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