Before and After

Bathroom Blues… Before and After

Our first DIY project was pretty huge. Re-doing the bathroom. Green carpet on the floor, no shower– the works. Check out the bathroom before:


Vanity and window


Laundry shoot (useful, but taking up valuable space), old cast iron tub (chipped and stickered), gold tiles only halfway up.

Large cabinets above tub and toilet… and yes, green carpeting.

Time to demo! This is the only room we gutted to the studs. We didn’t really have a choice since we needed to add plumbing for the shower. Not to mention, the cabinets (though spacious), made the room feel even smaller than it is– so they had to go. And since it’s our only bathroom, we wanted it to feel as large as possible.

Good-bye 60’s bathroom, hello plaster and lathe! Notice the window frame in the back. That’s above our kitchen sink, which means this bathroom was an add-on post-original build. This just adds to the mystery of the history of our house. It’s too bad this is the spot they chose for our bathroom, I would have loved to have a window above our sink!

Now, finally, everything is GONE! Thanks husband!


Now… how do we put it back together again?

After some necessary plumbing (thanks to my father-in-law), we put up drywall, backerboard, and plywood (where we would add bead board). Add a tub and some mosaic tile to the floor…

Red guard to keep it protected, and then it’s finally my turn to help. I tried my hand at tiling the tub/shower, and though it was frustrating, it turned out pretty good!

We decided to add crown molding, and cutting it was rather… difficult. Mostly because our house is 96 years old and walls and floors have settled and nothing (I mean NOTHING) is straight! But, it could also be because this is our first time at doing crown. And since everything costs something, instead of throwing away a bad cut, we just patched it up!

It’s nothing a little wood filler can’t fix! (keep scrolling to see the “after” of the crown! You’d never be able to tell it was so gapped.)


After some paint and a few finishing touches…

The finished bathroom!

I wanted to match the history of the house. Our house is an old farmhouse. It started out super small, built by the previous owner’s father-in-law. We’re the first non-family members to live here! I chose bead board, a pedestal sink, mosaic floor tile, all to suit the age of the house, but without feeling old.

Check out our before and after side-by-side photos!

A pedestal sink means more floor space, which makes it feel bigger. The medicine cabinet is recessed for a more spacious feel as well. Also, thanks to my awesome husband, we have custom Craftsman window trim (my favorite style)!

Now, with the laundry shoot gone, we have more space to the left of the tub. To add storage, we added a tall cabinet. It fit perfect! Also, given that our tub/shower doesn’t have a wall to the left of it, we got a L-shaped shower curtain to keep the water from showering out the back.

Same toilet, new lid. Bead board gives it the century home finish, without the century old wood. A custom built (thanks husband!) three-drawer side table to the right of the toilet paper. More storage without wasting space. Also, you’ll notice the upper cabinets are gone, making the whole room feel much larger. We just added a floating shelf for some towel storage.


Oh? Where do we put our towels, you ask? Since all the wall space is taken, we hung our towel racks on the back of the door. Not the most common thing to do, but it works! Plus, our door is almost always open, so you can’t see them when you walk by.

Oh, and the crown molding? Check this out:

Yup! Can’t even tell!

I’m not going to pretend it was easy. It actually took us 5 months because Husband was working full time, G (who was 2 yrs old at the time) went to bed by 7:30pm. That doesn’t leave a whole lot of time to do anything. So, 5 months of showering in the basement, and we finally are enjoying our bathroom! Every bit of it!

One last look at the final product:



But that was just the beginning. As long and hard as it was, the winter showed us our daughter’s bedroom wasn’t very insulated (i.e. small ice patch in the closet and running the space heater all the time). You can’t stop us! Soon we would tackle G’s room.


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